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I work in both long-term (general counselling) and shorter term frameworks (solution-focused counselling, CBT). Therapeutic approach, the duration of therapy and the frequency of sessions vary depending on clients' individual needs and can be discussed at our initial meeting, and as we progress.
Initial consultation: The aim of our initial consultation (50-60 mins) is to try to establish what is troubling you at this time in your life, to allow time for questions about the process and to see whether psychological therapy is appropriate for you. Initial session is not a commitment to further sessions.
Regular appointments: The regular (50 mins) appointments take place at the same time on the same day(s) each week. Sessions are usually once or twice weekly. Therapy is more effective when clients are engaged in therapeutic process and attend sessions in a regular manner. This provides a sense of continuity, consistency, reliability, containment and intensity required to optimally benefit from therapy.
Standard fees per session: £60-80 (individuals). 
Reduced rates for counsellors in training is available. Concessionary rates are sometimes available depending on individual circumstances/ low income.

Major principle of CBT:

       "Man is disturbed not by things, 

but by the views which he takes of them"

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